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The Truth About Car Rental In Dublin

28. Aug 2017 03:47, autelobdtool

You may think you have figured car rental out after renting for a while. The staff at car rental house are full of bluster and glory. Car rental houses are known for their good customer service. However in the end you are dealing with sales people, who are not incentivized to tell you everything. There are a number of things that a good to know for the life time renters like me.

Don抰 leave the tank empty

If you don抰 fill up before returning the car you抣l be charged quite a bit more than the normal price of the gas. So make sure you have a bit extra in the tank just to be sure. Everyone gets caught out with this one when renting a car.

The issue of Tax

The government has a lot of control over the cost of car rental launch x431 pro mini. Most time when you see the cost of rental change it is due to these taxes. So when you are considering getting rid of your car or even buying a car, take a look at what on the tax horizon and it抯 a fair indication of what will happen in the car market. And no more so than now.

Speed no more

A lot of companies these days install GPS devices in the motors. The reason isn抰 just to get your from Dublin to Cork in one piece, but also to see if you are speeding. If you GPS shows that you are speed you can be charged extra. So make sure you check out the terms and conditions on your car. Although even better, don抰 speed.

Fluid prices

Prices don抰 just change for car rental in Dublin due to tax. Prices also change depending on the number of cars that are available. This can often be confusing to customers who like stability in their prices, but rest assured the reason is to keep prices at their lowest.

Do you really need extra insurance?

Car rental companies will inevitable try to sell you insurance however you should know that you are probably already insured in some way. You can ask you Car Company about this to find out exactly what that covers is.

You don抰 reserve a car, just a class of car

That抯 right. Just because you reserved a Yaris doesn抰 mean you抣l get a Yaris. But you should get a car in the class you requested and if you are lucky you will get upgraded for free.

Up selling

Car rental companies will often try to up sell you to bits and bobs. Child seat, locks and things like that.

Done believe deals

Car companies always advertise great deals but there never are any. These are just to get you in the door. The reason is they are already making quite small margins so deals are not really viable. But in the end, price are generally great so don抰 worry.

Small is better

Don抰 think just because you going for the bigger car company you抣l get the best price. Often times the smaller companies have better rates. So shop around and if your googing put in the extra 60 second to scroll down and look at the competition. €30 for 60 seconds work isn抰 bad.

What counts as damage?

Well I know what you count as damage but the car company might not see it like that Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS. Increasingly they are punishing customers for unbillable damage like wear and tear, minor scratches. Make sure you nail down the rep what counts as damage


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