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Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite Convertible Car Seat

2. Jun 2017 03:44, autelobdtool

Are you on the look-out for a convertible car seat? If so, there are several great ones to choose from. It probably seems like just yesterday you brought them home from the hospital in their little infant seat. Boy does time fly! Before you know it, you'll be searching for the next seat; being a booster car seat! Although, what's great about this seat that I'm going to introduce to you is that if you consider it, you may not even need to search for a booster. This seat can last your child up to 100 lbs!


There is nothing better than being able to save more money on your baby's supplies. They need so many things launch x431 pro mini, that by the time they arrive, we're broke! Between the cost of diapers, formula, clothes that they will shortly outgrow, and their whole crib set, we've spent a lot of money on them!


If you're shopping for a convertible seat it can be just as difficult as shopping for an infant seat Maxisys. There are certain features that you want to check for, you want to make sure it's a brand you've heard of and trust, and lastly, you want to make sure it has good ratings and reviews from other parents! The number one thing on a parents mind is the child's safety. The whole point of getting a baby carrier is to make sure they're as safe as can be! So, when you're searching for a convertible seat, which brand and which seat are you going to consider for your little one?


So, to make things a little easier, I'm going to recommend a great convertible to you, the Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite. This seat not only has some great reviews, but also some nice features! Check it out!


Who is this car seat made for?


This seat is great for children 5-100 lbs! Talk about growing with your child! This is a great way to save money. It's to be used rear-facing from 5-35 lbs, forward-facing 22-40 lbs, and used as a belt positioning booster from 40-100 lbs. There's nothing better than letting your child get used to this seat, and having them grow with it!


What features are included?


The Alpha Omega Elite comes with a removable and washable seat pad, which is great for spills or messes. It also includes a removable cup holder for drinks and snacks on the go, and a 5 point harness with an up-front adjustment!


The fact that this seat can be used on children 5-100 lbs is amazing. Your dollar will go a long way with this seat! Being able to bring your newborn home in this seat and then using it until they're around 10-11 years old is great! Having a baby is expensive, there's no doubt about that! We heard it going into the process, but once we're actually there, we can see what our parents and close friends were talking about! Whenever we can save a penny, it's best we do so!

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