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Neck Injuries Resulting from a Car Accident in Houston

14. Mar 2017 02:20, autelobdtool

Neck injuries can create lifelong pain and problems. Whiplash is the most common neck injury resulting from a car accident. Neck injuries can occur when a sudden impact jolts the head in one direction followed by the head snapping in one direction, then, suddenly back in the opposite direction.

Whiplash Symptoms

With a whiplash, the normal curve of the spine in the neck area is forcibly misaligned causing pain and restricted movement. Both tissue and spinal structures can be injured. Nearly 20% of whiplash victims develop chronic pain that lasts longer than two years. Whiplash syndrome can manifest as any or all of the following:

昐leep problems

旾nability to concentrate

旹motional changes: irritability, depression, short-temperedness

旸izziness, in 25% to 50% of victims

昄oss of memory

昖isual disturbances, primarily blurred vision, and in up to 30% of victims

昍inging in the ears


旽eaviness in the arms

昄ow back pain

旼eneralized weakness.

More Serious Neck Injuries

Whiplash is not the only neck injury resulting from a car accident. Paralysis or death from serious neck injuries can be another outcome.

昇eck sprains: torn or stretched ligaments in the neck.

昇eck strains: 損ulled?muscles, stretched or torn launch x431 pro3 v2.0.

旽erniated disc: aka slipped or ruptured disc, is a rupture in the disc that cushions the vertebrae allowing the contents of the disc to squeeze out.

昉inched neck nerves: nerves compressed by a herniated disc, bone fragment resulting in numbness or weakness in the shoulders or arms.

旻ractures: a break or crack in the vertebrae in the neck.

Fractures are medical emergency that can result in full paralysis because the nerves that provide motor and sensory function to the body, from the neck down. Fractures require immobilization until medical treatment is available and x-rays are taken.

Temporomandibular joint injury (TMJ) is caused in the same way as a whiplash autel maxisys elite, only it happens to the jawbone. A sudden impact can force the jaw to thrust quickly, tearing or pulling the ligaments that hold it in position. TMJ can interfere with eating and talking, and over the long term can have serious affects on the teeth and jawbones due to misalignment.

Neck injuries can result in the most severe spinal cord injuries simply because the nerves that provide both motor and nerve function to the entire body below the head all are encased in the spinal cord at the neck level. They begin branching out to the shoulders and arms, and at each vertebrae, nerves branch out to those parts of the body that communicate through them. Neck injuries have the potential to cause full body paralysis, as compared to injuries lower on the spine that innervate the torso and lower limbs.

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