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Music on the Move With Ford C-Max

10. Mar 2017 02:24, autelobdtool

Among the ford generation various cars are known for its classical design and high level standard. One of the striking models of that generation will be the Ford C-Max. This is on the list of most expected cars of the year. The technical specification includes numerous features that can be customizable as per the user's convenience. It has a fuel tank which has the maximum capacity of 55 liters of petrol and in case of diesel it comes around 53 liters. The front lighting system of the car is adaptable in nature and it can be customized by using headlights made of Dynamic Bi-Xenon. Airbags feature is also included in the car and can be customized from 2-4 airbags. Apart from the normal side and back mirrors it also includes features front and side sensors that are very useful for parking. The output socket for laptops and others electronic devices is the most catching feature of the car. This helps to enjoy multimedia devices on the move with the power supply. The brake system is designed as air brakes which provide better friction on the roads when used with high quality tires. The door mirrors are coated with extra layer to reduce the entry of heat and are also electronically controlled by buttons for opening and closing. The roof of the car is provided with solar reflectors that avoids the entry of heat into the car during summer. It also includes the luggage carrier that helps to carry luggage during long drive. The flooring of the car is provided with the carpets for luxury. Feature for heating the rear windows are also provided to make the rear windows clear even during the cold climates. It also includes the power steering feature that enables easy handling cars on the road. Though all the features provide a better safety and better looks and provides efficiency, one of the most required features is the multimedia or audio system.


A separate radio dash kit has to be provided for providing the audio system. This kit can be easily configured into the car in a very short period of time. This kit includes the front panel, an adapter, removable keys system, and a remote control for accessing the audio system. These kits are designed with high quality designs to fit the internal design of the cars. These kits can be chosen based on their color and design so that they suit for the car. The radio dash kit not also supports the radio system these days; they come with an integrated music system. These systems are supported by high definition speakers. Even woofers are provided for better audio effects OBD2 Scanner. The number of speakers and type of speaker system depends on the user, it can be easily customized. Though the system provides high level speaker systems integrated with the radio dash kit, it is not advisable to keep high volume levels. This is not suitable for the health of the passengers and also creates diversion for the user which may lead to accidents.

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