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Motorcycle Helmets - A Primer

3. Mar 2017 02:32, autelobdtool

Around a century back, bikers did not have to worry about their health and well being while driving motorcycles. This was because of the fact that the bikes they rode lacked in both features and power. When the first motorcycle was built in about 1885, no one cared about accidents and the injuries resulting from them.


Once better automobile engineering techniques and equally better resources were available, the motorcycles started increasing speed. Results were that the fatality rate of motorcycle riders rose with the advent of faster motorbikes.


A high number of deaths resulting from motorcycle accidents lead to an urgent need for the motorcycle helmet. Hence, the first commercial motorcycle helmet was made in 1953 by a professor from the University of Southern California. One of the main reasons stated behind this was because Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycles were going to create motorcycles for the riders who wanted the thrill of speed launch x431 v+.


Head Protection


Protecting the head when one rides the motorcycle is very important. A motorcycle helmet is one of the most important requirements of safe driving and mostly precedes all other safety gears. Its need increases especially when one considers the statistics where motorcycle fatalities are cited as being one of the most dominant causes of brain injuries today.


Many riders due to various reasons, physical or psychological, tend not to wear motorcycle helmets. However, it is advisable for them not to sustain this habit as this could lead to dangerous consequences.


Note: it should be appreciated that many countries have stepped in to make wearing a helmet mandatory by including it in their law. It is advisable for both the drivers as well as any passengers to wear helmets autel maxisys elite.


About Helmets


In case of an accident, the impact is absorbed by a motorcycle helmet. One of the first things that one should look for in a helmet is the material of the helmet. A helmet should ideally be lightweight and tough.


Today, crack resistant fibers and high grade plastic have made the helmet manufacturing processes very easy and efficient. Motorcycle helmets should have high impact resistance and high quality.


While buying a helmet one should remember that the money spent on a helmet is worth its benefits. A helmet that does its job is always worth more then the money spent on it.


While buying a helmet, the next important thing to remember is the comfort that the helmet provides. Today markets are filled with many types of helmets; the full faced helmet is the safest option and should be preferred over other types. One could also choose the half face helmet which offers a good protection and gives a wider view of the road.


Along with having a tough body, helmets should ideally carry a clear visor that can shield the face and eyes from wind as well as dust. A helmet should fit properly, cover the full face, feel soft and itch less at the places of contact, and be of sweat absorbing material on the inside. The choice of color, stickers, and graphics depends entirely upon an individual.


Today helmets are available in many shapes and sizes according to your requirements. Many branded helmet manufactures have incorporated facilities like ventilation systems, and anti-fog visors, while keeping in view of not hindering the biking experience craved by the bikers.

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