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How to Remove or Install a Chrome Car Badge

28. Oct 2016 03:26, autelobdtool

Whether you want a chrome car badge or not, chances are there's already at least one on your car already. On the back of most vehicles, just above the bumper, are one or more identifying badges. Sometimes it's a single badge displaying the name of the vehicle, and sometimes each individual letter is its own badge. Even defining characteristics of your car can be spelled out on a badge, such as "4 x 4" or "Hybrid Vehicle." Sometimes we don't want the badges that come on our vehicles, and sometimes we want to replace them with custom badges. Fortunately, removing old badges and installing new ones is easy.
There are a couple of ways to remove chrome lettering and the like from your vehicle. The easiest method involves using dental floss. Take a long piece of floss between your hands and wedge it under the corner of one of the letters. Saw back and forth beneath the letter until it comes off. If that doesn't work, use a hair dryer to heat up the adhesive beneath the badge, and then use a credit card or the floss again to pry it off. Once the letter is off, there will be lots of ugly adhesive remaining, so use rubbing alcohol or a product designed to eliminate adhesive residue to rub it off.
If you're looking at replacing the letters or badge with one of your choosing, it's important to get the placement right launch x431 v. The easiest way to do this is to install the new badge right where the old one used to be. Use painters tape, or any tape that won't damage the finish on your car, to mark where the edges of the old badge went before removing it. If you've already removed it and cleaned the area, look for images online to get an idea of where the badge went. If you're adding new badges, make sure they line up horizontally or vertically with other badges.
The actual installation of a chrome car badge is quite easy launch x431 pro3. Most badges come with adhesive already applied, with a easy-peel paper to prevent it from sticking before you want it to. Make sure the surface of your vehicle is free of dirt and dust before applying, and don't remove the adhesive backing of the badge until you're ready to apply it. Whether you want to remove or install a badge, there's no reason not to do it yourself.

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