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How To Escape A Sinking Car spa

7. Oct 2016 03:37, autelobdtool

Did you know that each year more than 10,000 people in the U.S. are involved in water immersion accidents? Thousands more become trapped in their cars in dry land accidents because their doors, windows and seat belts jam. In an emergency would you know how to escape a potentially deadly auto entrapment? You will once you read this article.


Some people wonder why I have a bright orange Life Hammer mounted on my console. Then I tell them my story and they understand.

But what if your windows and doors won't open?


Most people don't know that car windows are made of tempered glass and are extremely difficult to break launch x431 pro3. You can literally pound on a car window with a hammer without breaking it.


If you can find a sharp object like the edge of a screw driver and strike the corner of a side window hard enough it may break. However, it takes very little effort to break a car window with an emergency tool like the original Life Hammer. It has a conically shaped hardened steel tip that will easily shatter a tempered glass window.


How To Use A Life Hammer


To use a Life Hammer simply remove it from the mounting bracket autel maxisys ms906 review, protect your eyes by covering them with one hand, then swing the Life Hammer against the corner of a side or rear car window. The window will shatter and you can use the LifeHammer to push any remaining glass out of the way.


A Last Resort


If you don't have a Life Hammer and you can't locate a sharp object there is one last resort. It is possible to open your car door under water once the interior is filled with water. This equalizes the pressure inside and out allowing the door to open.


To employ this method you must first make sure the door is unlocked well before the car is filled with water. Pulling the door handle two times in most cars will accomplish this. When the interior is almost full, take a deep breath, pull the handle and then push the door open.

Water Immersion Accident Survivor



Archie Allan is a water immersion accident survivor and an expert in water immersion escape techniques. For more information about water immersion escape and images and videos about the Original Life Hammer go to
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